Publications: Notes at the Margin

Attempting to Defy Gravity and the Laws of Physics (June 8, 2020)


The utter and complete stupidity of those in the oil industry is unbelievable. I offer this rant because Saturday morning Javier Blas, a Bloomberg reporter, described an idea being pursued that is utterly stupid and could be counterproductive for oil markets if it is true. Only an idiot could have conceived it. The title of the Blas article read as follows:


OPEC+ Tries Novel Strategy to
Turn Oil Price Curve Upside Down[1]


Reading the item forced me to put aside the half-completed second part of the "Rose Colored Glasses Removed" series, which discusses the status of petroleum demand. Instead, this report focuses on the OPEC+ proposal described by Blas.

[1] Javier Blas, “OPEC+ Tries Novel Strategy to Turn Oil Price Curve Upside Down,” Bloomberg, June 6, 2020 [].


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