Publications: The Petroleum Economics Monthly

The Petroleum Economics Monthly was published by PKVerleger LLC for thirty-five years. The report provided detailed examinations of important issues that affected the revenues of petroleum producers, refiners, marketers, and consumers. It had a proven record of anticipating structural changes affecting the industry. Its readers were regularly able to take strategic action before their competitors, thereby increasing profitability.

Over the nearly four decades of the report’s existence, The Petroleum Economics Monthly provided in-depth analysis of the evolution and function of oil and energy commodity markets, as well as the effects of global political, regulatory, and economic events on these markets. In January 1998, for example, Dr. Verleger wrote on the implications of the Asian financial collapse for energy markets, the fourth-quarter 1997 crash, and the turmoil within OPEC. In May 2011, he provided a thorough analysis of the effects of the recent crude oil release from the International Energy Agency’s strategic reserves.


While PEM is not currently being published, please feel free to use the links to the right to view PDF summaries for back issues. To request a back issue of The Petroleum Economics Monthly, please Contact Us or send us an Information Request. Please note that these requests are subject to Dr. Verleger's approval and may involve a fee.