Services: Expert Comments/Testimony

On January 27, 2010, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) issued a call for comments and recommendations regarding its information collection activities. Its focus was on the data needed to “support analysis and increased understanding of energy markets. In his response, Dr. Verleger noted that the EIA had become a “data dump,” a development that had lowered the quality of the information offered by the agency. The methods he suggested for improving EIA data quality included reducing the amount of information published each week and each month. As he noted,


The EIA can undoubtedly improve the quality of the data it reports by (1) limiting the amount collected and (2) simplifying the reports firms have to complete. Individuals who process the reports at DOE will have more time to examine each submission and catch errors if they have less information to review. Such analysis would likely increase the data quality.


Click below to view/download Dr. Verleger’s response to the Energy Information Administration's Request for Comments and Recommendations (Federal Register Notice, January 27, 2010) regarding the agency’s Energy and Financial Markets Initiative announced on September 9, 2009.