Publications: Notes at the Margin

In Denial: The Oil Industry's Cluelessness about Trump (January 23, 2017)


Oil and gas industry executives, as well as consultants, journalists, and policymakers outside the United States, have no clue as to the Trump energy policy and the coming impacts. The absence of understanding is visible in the industry and general media. In brief, Donald Trump's inauguration will have significant impacts on global energy markets. Oil flows will change. US crude oil and petroleum product exports will decline substantially. Crude shipments will drop quickly. Product exports will decline as new tankers built in US shipyards come into service. Products made abroad and traditionally exported to the US will flow to other markets. US refiners will likely invest in modifications to process more light crude unless heavy crude exporters adjust prices to stay competitive in the US. Over the next four years, a very different oil market will emerge.


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