Publications: Notes at the Margin

Distillate, Saudi Export Income Approximation, Electric Cars, and the Triumph of Markets (September 25, 2017)


This issue of Notes covers four topics. First, we review the prospects for distillate fuel oil and the implication for crude through the end of the year. Second, we offer a quick estimate of the oil export income of Kuwait, Russia, and Saudi Arabia based on Joint Organization Data Initiative (JODI) statistics on their crude and product exports. Russia comes out as the big winner. Third, we provide a short summary of the just-released Petroleum Economics Monthly. That report concludes that markets worked extraordinarily well during the recent hurricanes, thanks in large part to government energy groups doing nothing. This success adds credence to a call to dismantle the International Energy Agency, a call many will view as sacrilege. Finally, we offer some thoughts on electric cars.


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